Should you link or should you write?

If there’s one question that most bothers the industry of search marketing, it is the endless linking vs content writing debate. While many experts vouch for great content writing, the others consider linking to be the ultimate solution. Search engines desperately hunt for quality content while also looking at the number of pages linking to […]

The Insider’s Guide to Content Writing

Content writing is drastically different from creating matter for printed text. The fundamental aspect of variation is the audience. The psyche of a web reader varies from that of a reader of printed text. Remember…..Web writing is not truly read. It is glanced or scanned! Most web visitors are hunting for certain information. These readers […]

All you need to be a writer

Writing is the most beautiful form of human expression. It is rather arduous to give shape to your thoughts and ensure it resonates with your readers, as a writer does. Writing is an art; to a large extent falling under the realm of an innate skill. Having said that, it is possible to cultivate the […]