Are AR and VR Really Changing the Content Industry?

Today’s consumer is highly aware, sophisticated and techno-savvy. It’s time companies explored innovative ways of not only engaging them but exceeding their expectations as well. Research estimates augmented and virtual reality to be the next game changers in business models across the globe. After the PC, web, and mobile devices; AR and VR are expected […]

All You Need to Know About Video Content

Have you ever observed how fast children comprehend when they watch a video content about any topic in contrast to reading normal text? Videos have a gripping effect and tend to increase the interest quotient. Allow me to take this theory to another realm. The field of sales and marketing! Research highlights four times more […]

Should you link or should you write?

If there’s one question that most bothers the industry of search marketing, it is the endless linking vs content writing debate. While many experts vouch for great content writing, the others consider linking to be the ultimate solution. Search engines desperately hunt for quality content while also looking at the number of pages linking to […]

The Insider’s Guide to Content Writing

Content writing is drastically different from creating matter for printed text. The fundamental aspect of variation is the audience. The psyche of a web reader varies from that of a reader of printed text. Remember…..Web writing is not truly read. It is glanced or scanned! Most web visitors are hunting for certain information. These readers […]