10 Kinds of Content That Work Best For LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media platform that certainly demands importance. It has evolved as a prominent podium to build a professional image in the fraternity, attract audience, offer potent leads and establish certified brands in the market.

However, it can be tricky to gauge what content to post and which one to avoid!

In order to capitalize on the accurate potential of LinkedIn, one needs to adhere to a platform-specific approach. What works for Twitter may not vibrate with LinkedIn. Every social media marketing platform segment calls for a different strategy.

We bring to you certain insights on what content works best for LinkedIn. The information rendered will certainly help you customize and implement a strategy solely for your LinkedIn content.

1. Industry Trends and News:

Research puts forth that content describing what is currently in news, clicks with LinkedIn audience. Content with headlines including vocabulary like ‘of the year’, ‘in the world’ and ‘the future of’ stands apart and outshines the rest.

Today’s client desires to be abreast with the latest information in the market. So if you want your content to draw attention make it highly informative!

2. Educational Insights:

Post the latest educational insights and get attention from your audience!

Content imparting educational inputs on any topic is believed to works well with the audience. In this respect, the most popular are the How to articles.

’X ways to’, ‘how to make’ or ‘how to repair’ – basically anything that adds to the existing knowledge of the reader or demonstrates ways to do daily chores better stands a chance with the readers.

Helping people perform their jobs better or answering their queries are topics that click right away!

3. Address Pain Points:

It’s a highly demanding and stressful world out there! In general, the tension and anxiety levels of people are on the rise. Talking about such issues works well with the audience.

Offer ways of easing stress in personal and professional domains. The moment you address pain points and render solutions, you divert traffic in your direction!

4. Avoid Sale Oriented Content:

It may work on other social media platforms but not this one! Sale oriented content is a complete NO on LinkedIn platform.
Stay clear of describing advantages of your product or service.

5. Product Thought Leadership:

Always be prepared and ready to present the best solution to your clients!

After reading the former point, you must be wondering about how to then exactly sell?

Well! We understand you want your sales to soar but employ an indirect strategy. Instead of simply outlining the benefits of your product, focus on presenting why you are the best solution for your customer.

Implementing product thought leadership is one of the most potent methodologies of growing on LinkedIn.

6. Vision of Your Company:

Surveys give a high score to organisational thought leadership content. Put forth the vision and ethos of your company.
This helps acquaint the audience with your philosophy and enhances traffic towards the brand.

7. Utilize Videos and Images:

This is yet another powerful tool for engaging the audience. Images result in 98 percent higher comment rate and videos augment share rate by almost 75 percent.

This data should be enough a reason for you to create content using ideal images and videos!

8. Optimize Your Content:

A well optimized content makes it simpler and more convenient for your audience to locate you. Use keywords while articulating information about your company or product.

Try to think of words or phrases that your potential client would use to search for services in your domain.

9. Engage Others with Your POSTS:

Audience engagement is the first step in achieving better leads

This can serve as a wonderful channel for increasing your visibility. Your colleagues could be your most valuable tool for building your image and brand.

Encourage your colleagues to engage with your posts. Remember to always send a post or an update to your colleagues. Statistics show that such people are more likely to click the like button or share posts in contrast to regular LinkedIn users.

10. Tab Your Competitors:

LinkedIn offers you access to profiles of other companies in your fraternity. Study their data and analyse what type of content is working well for them.
Experiment with similar ideas on your own page. Sometimes a novel line of action is all it takes to gain audience attention.


Employing one or several of these strategies may get you past some hurdles in gaining LinkedIn popularity. What are waiting for? Go ahead! Take your pick and give your image the required boost!