All you need to be a writer

Writing is the most beautiful form of human expression. It is rather arduous to give shape to your thoughts and ensure it resonates with your readers, as a writer does.

Writing is an art; to a large extent falling under the realm of an innate skill. Having said that, it is possible to cultivate the skill by learning creative writing techniques! In this article, we share some worthy insights showcasing how to be a writer. Browse through and decide if it works for you. If you need some more help, check out our piece!

Here are 7 outstanding pieces of advice on how to write well and carve a niche in the fraternity.

1. Shun the Idiot Box and Pick up a Book:


If you are aiming to be a writer, the first thing you need to let go is the television. The so-called ‘idiot box’ is fatal to creative instincts! It is essential for writers to keep their imagination alive.

Your mantra to step into the guild should be – Read and read as much as possible! Reading assists in broadening the scope of articulation and plays a phenomenal role in redefining one’s work.

2. Write For Intrinsic Happiness:

You are here to stay only if you are writing for the sheer joy of creativity. If writing brings fulfillment, you can write forever!

Don’t waste your talent trying to please others. Identify topics you genuinely feel for and pen down honest thoughts. The authenticity of your craft will surely attract an audience and emerge as the most potent facet in your style.

3. Eliminate External Distractions:


Writing calls for complete disconnect from the external world. Ensure your workstation is in a peaceful spot in the house or office. No phone calls and no messages. Just you and your thoughts alone!

Writing is a private activity. The first draft in its raw form is meant only for your eyes. External scrutiny at this juncture can lead to self-doubt.

4. Identify Your Genre:

The domain of creative writing is extensive. It encompasses an array of genres ranging from fiction to poetry. It is important to recognize your personal passion because that alone will seduce your audience.

This certainly doesn’t imply you restrict your creative boundaries. Commence with your forte and steadily graduate to other realms.

5. Avoid Pretension and Precision:writer

Someone has rightly said, “Writing is primarily about seduction, not pretension!” Don’t get caught up in dressy vocabulary and jargons to enrich your piece.

Stay clear of adverbs and long paragraphs. Short sentences are easy to comprehend. Fancy words look grandiose but at times can throttle the essence.

Concentrate on translating your virgin thoughts into words on paper. Attempt to outshine the art of description. What is conceived in your mind must reflect in the reader’s perception.

6. Write Consistently Without Breaks


Write religiously every single day. Taking breaks fades ideas and makes thoughts stale. More than anything, you commence losing hold on your work.

Set goals for completion of a project and adhere to the commitment. So whether you like it or not, show up at that workstation every day without fail!

7. Sharing Facilitates Improvisation

This can be intimidating for beginners. Nevertheless, keeping your work to yourself owing to the fear of rejection will not take you anywhere.

Snub the phobia and share your work with a potential individual. It will help in understanding your areas of weakness and usher novel ideas.

No matter how big your desire to make it in the field, start small! Begin with writing a good sentence, move on to a good paragraph and very soon you will accomplish penning down a good piece.

Don’t be in a hurry to reach the pinnacle. Remember you move forward only by faltering and stumbling. Enjoy the journey and don’t allow anybody to steal your joy!
Happy Writing!