Brainstorm For Your Content the Right Way

A brilliant idea is the fundamental essence of good content. This leads to the crafting of a fantastic piece that forces the readers to share and share!

Take a trip down the memory lane. Remember the days when you commenced your career as a content writer. The flow of ideas was constant. In fact, the mind was almost flooded with innovative content.

As one gradually moved ahead in time, the pace slackened! The flow of ideas became less consistent and one always seemed under pressure to come up with a new topic that formed a worthwhile read.

Investing one’s time and energy into an undesirable concept is a complete waste of human resource. Moreover, it paves way to creating content that’s a complete turn off for the audience. If this occurs too often, you could end up risking your credibility.

Coming up with interesting ideas may seem intimidating but if you brainstorm the right way, it doesn’t have to be difficult! Remember a good idea can lure high traffic, more conversions, and reverence from the audience. So go for it!

1. Read, Read and Read

Reading non-fiction books can work wonders! Such books can offer a plethora of information, studies, and relevant data. All these can be productively utilized towards brainstorming new content.
Another brilliant idea could be to use each chapter heading for a new blog post.

2. Explore Quora

Quora is a great tool that gives you many interesting topics!

Quora is a community of inquisitive readers, questioning and answering. Browse through the forum consistently and dig through the stream.
You can easily identify threads related to your industry. Craft your new blog post incorporating ideas that could help your audience.

3. Re-purpose Content

This is another channel of opening doors to novel ideas. Scan through your previous posts. Brainstorm innovative ways to address old posts.

4. Keyword Research

Keywords form the cornerstone of any brilliant piece. What better brainstorming tool can you utilize?
Make endeavors to constantly search new keywords. Some tools that could usher help include Google Keyword Planner and SEMrush.

5. Obtain Fresh Perspective

A fresh perspective gives you the push you need to complete an article!

This one is rather cardinal. There’s no better way to brainstorm than collecting a group of intelligent people in parallel industries.
Don’t forget to keep pen and paper handy!

6. Word Linkage

This one is extremely simple yet worthwhile. Identify an important industry word or phrase. Pen down content that flows through your mind the moment you think of the word.
Maintain the flow until you have sufficient matter to create a post.

7. Implement Google Suggestions

Every time you punch a word, Google offers suggestions. So could employ those to brainstorm effectively.
Type your word or phrase and select one of the suggestions to come up with a new blog post.

8. Social Media Search

There are certain topics that click more with the audience. Search through the social media posts and track topics that are most popular and display high share rating.
Incorporating such topics in your next post could increase traffic.

9. Read Newspapers

Catch up on the latest events around you!

There are several stories in the daily newspapers that could be of direct interest to your readers. Pick a story and write how the incidence could influence the lives of your audience.

10. Alter the Workplace

Surroundings could also lead to monotony. One has to agree, some places are relatively more inspirational than others.
Identify your own triggers. For some, it could be as simple as a coffee shop or a park pavilion. Anything that works or does the trick!

11. Analyze Competitors

It’s always healthy to read your competitor’s posts. Go through the ones that are particularly gaining popularity. This will help you comprehend the liking of the audience in your field.
Analyze and brainstorm how you can expand on the idea and offer more.

12. Interact with Prospective Readers

Your content directly influences your audience. In order to gain popularity, it needs to be informative and educative. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand their challenges and needs.
Interacting or interviewing your target readers helps you gain insight and fodder for your next piece.


These were some ways that could springboard new blog post ideas. Choose anything that blends with your style. Brainstorming the right way is crucial towards engaging the audience. Smart content creation is the only way you can gain probability of seeping through the minds of your prospects and motivate them to take the next step with you!