How Content Marketing Can Grow Your Business by 3x

Did you know content marketing works out 67 percent cheaper than any other marketing strategy, yet it has the potential to generate 3x times more leads for your business?

We hear so much about content marketing these days. You may have come across the term as well but what does this term exactly signify? Let’s gain clarity on this aspect first.

Content marketing is essentially a strategic business approach that focuses on crafting and disseminating relevant and consistent content to engage and retain a specific set of audience for the welfare and higher productivity of your business.

No matter what your business domain; this strategy adds value to your product, establishes trust with potential customers, and helps clients stay faithful to your brand.

Let’s see how this corner stone of digital marketing can help your business grow.

1. Gives Your Brand a Face

content marketing
Give your brand a face with its ideas!

When you share articles, videos, stories with your audience, you actually augment your social media projection. The content shared gives your organization and brand a face and recognition.

The audience can relate to your brand better, which in turn increases your appeal quotient.

2. Best Way to Reach Audience

content marketing
Your audience expects you to deliver nothing less than the best!

Research highlights content marketing is the most effective channel to reach potential audience and translate them into customers.

The outbound traditional method of marketing via TV commercials and magazine advertisements doesn’t sell anymore. Today’s customer is difficult to crack! 70 to 80 percent people tend to dispense paid advertisements. In fact, a direct sales pitch can at times annoy the audience.

Inbound marketing personified by content marketing takes the contrary approach. It paves way for interested customers to locate you via creation of worthwhile content.

3. Augments Familiarity

Posting content on a steady basis helps you connect with your audience. In spreads your company’s name among a larger audience base. This means when looking for products your company deals in, the potential customer will recognize your brand with a certain amount of credibility.

4. Increases Website Traffic

content marketing
Watch your web traffic stay green and keep going higher!

Regular influx of engaging and interesting content increases traffic to the site, social media sharing, and consequently higher search engine rankings.
This generates a positive cycle that certainly draws in higher business orders.

5. Touches the Human Cord

Content marketing is personal, more human and doesn’t come across as tricky. Trust is the most vital component in a client- business alliance. The possibility of building customer trust is very high with content marketing.

Once your customers believe in you and trust your word, they are likely to explore your area of expertise.

6. Increases Satisfaction Level

content marketing
Keep your customers always smiling!

While anyone can generate advertisements to showcase their products, crafting relevant content is not an easy task. Good content adds value to the customer’s know-how.
In fact, customers may actually appreciate your efforts and compensate with more business!

7. Promotes Verbal Recommendations

As per a recent study, 92 percent of clients trust products recommended by friends and family. Word of mouth has a higher potential than regular brand promotions.

So, if your content is worth sharing, you will be accumulating more recommendations.

8. Budget Friendly

content marketing
The best content need not be the most expensive

The conventional forms of digital marketing like online advertisements may cause a big dent to your finances. On the other hand, content marketing is cost effective yet furnishes potent outcome.
This strategy of marketing requires low investment but yields larger results.

9. Generates Positive Effect on Sales

Most customers opine brand content facilitates faster sale decisions. Productive content offers all necessary and appropriate information to the potential client. This certainly arms them with know-how to make a concrete decision and go through with the purchase.

10. Creates a Snowball Effect

content marketing
A snowball effect will help boost your business!

While providing content to your audience, remember to always craft timeless and evergreen content. Content that stays relevant for a larger duration ensures generation of traffic in the future.
Engaging live content enhances possibility of shares and word continues to spread for a very long time.


The final objective of any business is generating interest amongst the new clients and ensuring the current customers keep coming back for more!
Good content marketing facilitates a stronger bonding with your audience. It forges a connection and a rapport between your brand and your customers. It helps readers remember you as an expert in your respective fraternity.

So are you convinced that content marketing works? If yes, reach out now to expand your customer base!