Factors that could impact your content strategy in 2017

The world of writing is huge. It is bigger than you can think. From product descriptions to blogs writers’ works on sites such as this, the niche of online writers is huge. And a large part of it is taken up by content writers. Content writing is a tough job. Being a part of web marketing, content strategy solely focuses on what the customer reads to sell a particular product.

Because you only have your words to entice customers, content writing is not just about fancy words and phrases. It requires strategy as well. You need the right tools, the right people and the right topics to make your content writing successful. SEO or Search Engine Optimization plays a big part too, as we discussed here.

So, here are a few factors which will have an impact on your content strategy in 2017:

       1. Hire the right people:

content strategy

There are millions of people who claim to be writers. Some of them might even be good writers but remember not everyone is meant for content writing. The needs of content writing are quite specific and you need somebody with the right set of skills to get the job done. This can be achieved by building a stringent algorithm which will help you sieve through the massive pools of freelance applicants and choose the best.

       2. Target the right audience:

content strategy

Sounds basic right? But it is very common to lose track of your audience. In the desire to entice a large crowd you may call people the wrong people. You cannot focus if you don’t have tunnel vision. It is also very important for a good content strategy to do your homework i.e. thoroughly research and track your potential audience. By choosing your audience based on latest trends and statistics you are increasing the potential sales of your product.

       3. Hit the social media:

You will find mostly everybody on social media. People from all walks of life and from all age groups are found on the World Wide Web. Social media platforms life Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram etc. are the perfect platforms for both research and marketing. You cannot expect to hit it big in content strategy without social media. Utilize this factor properly and you have to yourself a ready-made gathering of people who are willing to see more. Want a cheat sheet about writing amazing content for social media? We have it right here for you.

       4. Use the tone of your writing as an identity of the product:

Sounds complicated? It is really not. The tone of your writing has five points like that of a pentagon. The five points are empathy, expressiveness, formality, emotion and sociability. When you write for a product it is important that you decide first what will be the tone of the content. Having a consistent tone is like having a face to your product. People will associate the tone with the brand. They might associate humor with your product if your writing is sassy and satirical, or they might associate seriousness and formality with it if your product writing is such. Again it is important to remember that the tone of the writing basically depends upon the product as such. You cannot sell a funeral box online with a content depicting humor.

       5. Use Infographics:

content strategy

Nobody has time to read every line of your beautiful writing. It’s true. So, you have to be smart in your content strategy. Use pictorial representations to get your point across. Use pie diagrams and bar charts etc. to show what you want to convey. By making it pictorial you are snagging the customer’s attention and when he focuses on finding out what is going on, he will try to understand the data which will settle in his memory as opposed to just mindless reading.

       6. Use the right technology for processing:

People these days have eagle’s eyes. They are picky about every little detail and it is very important that your work is flawless. And this can only happen when you have the right technology that minimizes even human error. By having advanced editing tools, graphic designer programs, and other important elements, you are taking out any scope of mistake which will reduce human effort and improve the quality of work.

       7. Concentrate on downloadable materials:

content strategy

The reason this is important is that everything from books, plays to important software is available online and their online sale is very large. Say, you are trying to sell a downloadable product like a software and you write a great product description highlighting all its positive aspects and showing the users the need for it. The user does buy the product and downloads it. But the content inside the software is sub-par. There are editing mistakes along with the use of poor quality graphics and images. Seeing this poor quality of work inside the software itself will lose you a potential customer in the future.

By concentrating on the above factors you can ensure that your content writing is more efficient and impactful.