Here’s How Tangential Content Can Get Links and Shares

Sales focused content or brand centric content can be a big turn off for the audience. Do you deal with a universally favorite brand? If no, then creating content that is not directly related to your product will help reach, engage, and convert audience like never before.

Authentic content should never aim at selling. The focus should be on earning immediate attention and gaining the trust of the readers over a period of time. Companies should refrain from creating advertorials. Instead, concentrate on genuine and true content marketing.

What kind of content should you really publish to increase customer attention, augment brand awareness, enhance the shares, and build productive links? The solution is Tangential Content. That’s content, which is definitely related to the product but does not directly focus on the brand.

Let’s understand the concept with the help of certain examples.

  • A car insurance company creating content for car maintenance.
  • A pool installation company offering summer safety tips.

Benefits of Tangential Content With regard to Shares and Links

1. Wider Accessibility

You won’t earn high applause for a boring brand niche. Tangential topics can place you in the forefront and help you gain top-of-funnel awareness.

2. Enhances Link Building

tangential content
Link building with other sites will make more people aware of your brand

Tangential content can help reach a wider pool of publishers. This, in turn, enhances your link building and offers your PR potential a boost.

If your content ends up with some towering publisher, you will earn yourself high authority links. This means a greater level of confidence with Google and higher rankings.

In order to keep a tab on your back link portfolio, the following verifications could be important.

  • Are all your links coming from a single publisher who constantly shares your content? If so, very soon this will raise eyebrows with the audience and make the situation fishy.
  • Gain insight into back links generated by your competitors in the domain. This strategy will facilitate identification and bonding with new sites.
  • Analyze your content regularly. Keep refreshing your content to reach a larger audience. Don’t hesitate to reach out to editors to understand their specifications. Mold your content to qualify for publication.

3. Emotional Connect

Often brand connect fails to tug at the heartstrings. On the contrary, tangential content tends to generate an emotional reaction that resonates well with the audience.

Creating content outside your niche also helps enhance your credibility with readers who till now might be unfamiliar with your product or brand.

4. Diverse Content Library

tangential content
Creating a content library will give you more exposure to more genres

There comes a time when you may feel saturated publishing content about your niche. Broadening your horizons will infuse vigor into your content strategy.

Widen the scope of your content repertoire towards tangential topics. It will not only increase your motivation level but also add freshness to your content.

5. Not Boring

A niche vertical loses its charm and appeal in due course of time. Tangential content is slightly related to your product but is not heavily branded. It is this broad relevancy that appeals to the masses and consequently generates colossal shares and links.

6. Breaks Writer’s Block

tangential content
Tangential content might also be just the thing to break out your writer’s block!

Creating the same content can make writer’s block real. Writing about something new ushers a new wave of creativity and the outcome is content that engages the audience in a better manner.


It’s time to step out of the comfort zone! Create content outside your niche. Explore and deviate from your core focus. This could be the most effective and productive content marketing strategy you ever employed. Tangential content will certainly perk up your SEO results and get your audience more engaged. What more can you ask for!