The Insider’s Guide to Content Writing

Content writing is drastically different from creating matter for printed text. The fundamental aspect of variation is the audience. The psyche of a web reader varies from that of a reader of printed text.

Remember…..Web writing is not truly read. It is glanced or scanned!

Most web visitors are hunting for certain information. These readers do not reflect on your penned words. They browse through content to make quick decisions. This makes it cardinal to learn skills of content writing in accordance to the requisite and taste of the audience.

Here are a few tips that can assist in drafting a persuasive web copy.

1. Follow the Inverted Pyramid Writing

Web visitors are either hunting for information or stand in need to purchase a product. They definitely don’t have the time or inclination to go through fat explanatory content. At a glance, they end up making a decision whether they are on the right page or not!

So stay clear of a visually complicated site and follow the inverted pyramid writing style.

This implies putting the most necessary or noteworthy information first. Thereafter moving to detailed information or background content! This is quite similar to newspaper writing. Merely reading the first paragraphs offers understanding of the bigger picture!

2. Keep it Simple

content writing

Don’t be overtly witty with phrasing sentences. Such type of articulation requires thinking – for which your reader may not have the time!

Write like you would be addressing an 11 year old! This will make your content easy to follow and comprehend.

Good content ought to be self explanatory and obvious.

  • Frame short paragraphs of maximum 3 sentences
  • Use short sentences
  • Imbibe the skill of condensing matter
  • Avoid jargon and heavy terminology
  • Avoid writing in the passive tense
  • Do not make unnecessary repetitions
  • Maintain an informal style of writing
  • Write as if you are speaking to your reader
  • Address the reader as ‘you’

3. SEO is Crucial

Augment your SEO rating by using the right keywords. This is one of the most effective channels of leading the audience to your site.

Your search traffic is directly proportional to your ranking. You need to target the first 10 spots for good business. However, go about it prudently because keyword stuffing is rather shady and doesn’t work either! We have everything you need to know about SEO right here.

4. Supplement with Visual Appeal

Your visual impression plays a decisive role in luring readers. Presentation impacts the readability.

  • Use attractive headlines
  • Substitute text with photographs
  • Experiment with various font sizes to draw attention
  • Use bullet points for quick reading

5. Find Your Own Voice

content writing

This is one of the most vital writing tips. Establish your own individuality. Don’t let your writing be influenced by others. Hone your unique style of writing to carve a niche.

Your writing should bring your thinking and personality to the surface. Only then will it feel like your own!

6. Present a Unique Angle

There are a whole lot of writers putting forth their views on similar topics. To make your impact on the web, you need to add to the discussion. Mere repetition of content will be a futile attempt.

Every topic needs to incorporate the following

  • Topic – the fundamental subject
  • Point – the basic ideology
  • Slant – a specific and unique viewpoint

The slant is highly crucial. If you cannot present a unique angle to the old story, then you better find a new topic altogether.

7. Maintain Honesty in Content Writing

The golden rule of valuable articulation is no extraordinary hypes. Keep the content accurate and believable.
You will lose your credibility if your matter is manipulated and is not trustworthy. Do extensive research to be close to facts and truth. Back up your content with authentic data and references.

People will read you only if they believe you!

8. Editing is Crucial

content writing

High quality content writing means editing, editing and editing! No matter what the degree of your skill, the first draft never looks good. Here is how you can do proofreading right.

Ensure you review several times to gain accuracy of thought, word flow, grammar and vocabulary.

9. The Lead and Close are Important

The introduction and ending of the article should be absolutely alluring.

Craft the lead or introductory paragraph in a manner so as to compel the reader to move on with the piece, yet it should not leak the fundamental concept.

The closure is what lingers in the mind long after the read. So ensure you summarise the entire content and drive home the fundamental point.


People viewing web content range from the immensely intellectual to ones with just basic understanding of language. So let’s not treat the audience as academicians or lawyers. Neither do they have the skill to decipher complicated matter nor do they ponder on words.

Your content writing will emerge as a persuasive web copy only if it is clear, definite and bold.