Noticed those featured snippets on Google? Here’s how you can get there!

Everyone who has conducted a search on Google recently will have noticed a small change in the way the results are showing up. This small but significant change is giving marketers a huge boost to showcase their business online.

But why should all businesses aim to feature on it?

Featured snippet, what’s that?

When you Google something in the form of a question, the search engine results page (SERP) shows a featured snippet. These featured snippets are given a position known as position zero. A featured snippet looks something like this:

featured snippets
A delicious example of a featured snippet!

These snippets cover a major area of the SERPs, give your business a lot of exposure, and also boost the credibility of your business for no charge at all. According to ahrefs, 99.58% of featured snippets are already present in the top 10 SERPs for a particular keyword search.

So it can be said that Google usually picks out the relevant content from a page that is already ranking at the top and puts it as the featured snippet. To be shown as a Google featured snippet, you need to make sure your business website is ranking among the top 10 for every relevant keyword search. This is a feat believed to be difficult by many, but in reality you don’t have to be a huge corporation or have a sizable budget to feature in these snippets. If you choose the right strategies and implement them at the right time, you might just find your business featured on there as well!

We guide you on how to produce content that takes you from where you are now to inside the boxed area of a featured snippet:

1. Utilize Google to rank on Google- Thinking like your audience does on Google allows you to open up avenues where you can customize your content and make it more ‘snippable’. By creating content that directly answers as many customers’ questions as possible, you make your content more ‘snippable’.

2.Take inspiration from your competitors’ snippets- When a SERP is displayed there is also a section below the featured snippet that shows up as “People also ask”. This section is a gold mine for you if you are not finding inspiration elsewhere. In this section you can expand every related question and check many more snippets that are useful according to Google.

featured snippets
These snippets help you identify competitors while giving you inspiration for content ideas!

3. Use sites like ‘Answer the Public’ to find ideas for your content- Featured snippets are usually shown when a question is asked, and sites like ‘Answer the Public’ come in handy to stay on top of the trending questions in your field. The site makes it very easy for you to create and model content so that it ranks high and ultimately gets featured as a snippet.

4. Create content that answers more than one question in the same page- According to the above mentioned ahrefs report, if your web page gets featured for one question, the chances of it getting featured for other questions rise substantially. Therefore, it is important to take care of the proper structuring of content so your content answers multiple possible questions by a customer instead of devoting your article to answering only one question.

5. Stay within a word limit that suits your purposes and your clients’ interests- This point has more to do with how the content in your web page is presented rather than the content itself. With concise presentation of your content, and proper sectioning of your points / steps / paragraphs, it becomes easier for Google to feature your content. Remember the most common word length for featured snippets is between 40-50 words. Although this is not mandatory, most of the analyses made have concurred with the above word range.

featured snippets
This featured snippet gives you all you need to know in around 50 words!

6. Use headers- An effortless way to get your content featured is to divide the sections in an organized manner, with proper headers for each section. Use headers (H1, H2, H3), sub headers (H4, H5, H6), bullet points, and lists to make your content appear more unorganized and readable. Also, this goes without saying, but maintain a chronological order when using lists.

Other special tips include- writing the possible search queries in your article as a header, and writing content that begin logically as if an answer would.

There is no exact formula in turning your content into a featured snippet, but creating quality content that is formatted in a Google-friendly way goes a long way in ensuring you get the coveted spot! Do keep in mind that your featured content might not remain featured forever, instead it will be featured until a better website with stronger content comes along. Good luck to all the content marketers!