This is the secret to writing content that slays

Anyone in the content writing industry has been told a multiple number of times- Write great content. Write content that packs a punch. Write content that engages the audience. But what people fail to understand is the process that takes us to such great content. The question “How” has never been answered with regard to writing fantastic content. Until now.

This is our all-inclusive comprehensive guide to help you uncover the secret to writing content that slays in the world. But before we start, know that it is not as simple as it seems. Your writing needs to be truly exceptional (and not to mention a 100% original) if you want your content to slay. There is already enough ‘good’ content available online. A content writer’s goal should be to make it ‘great’.

These are the steps that will help you uncover the mysterious secret of writing content that slays.

Step 1: Choosing a topic

Let’s start simple, folks. This step is so grossly overlooked that people have almost forgotten what an integral part of the final article it is. Picking the right topic for your blog is very tricky since it decides the fate of your entire article. Though some topics may appeal to you, once you start writing them you find out you have no ideas. To avoid this, it’s always better to have a system in place when you’re deciding on topics.

Choose a topic wisely- the fate of your article depends on it!

We recommend keeping a list of content ideas. This works for all brands and allows you to have creative freedom since you can jot down your ideas when you’re feeling inspired. This list of topic ideas can work equally well for short and long content, and when you sit to write a particular content you won’t have to put in the extra time deciding what you will be writing on! Keep reviewing the list frequently so that the list remains dynamic- with ideas for topics being added, modified, and removed regularly.

Another method that brings results is trying to change the wording of the topics. Sometimes you may have a great idea but not see the potential in it at the time. If you reword the topic, the meaning becomes clearer and the content ideas start coming to you. One way to reword blog topics is trying to incorporate two seemingly unrelated ideas into one topic. Doing this really opens up new avenues for you to explore and write on.

Step 2: Researching the topic
Once your title is decided, the next step begins. Researching your content. You can either research your content as you write it, or read up everything relevant to your content and then write it. We prefer the latter because it helps us get to know about the topic in a deeper manner and once we gain insights from it we can write about it ourselves.

Proper research before and during writing is a must

Our advice about researching topics can be said in two words- “Google it.” No matter what your topic is there is always someone who has written something about it or has written something related to it. Read as much as you can about your topic, the more references you have the better it will be for you when you write it. Keep these 5 things in mind when you’re researching-

• How did the author portray the idea?
• What other ways can the same idea be portrayed in?
• What are my thoughts regarding the topic and how can I justify those thoughts?
• What are the common themes covered in all research articles?
• How is the author making his/her content actionable?

Step 3: Writing the content

If you are sitting down to write because you have to, then close your laptop/notebook and go for a walk. Content that is written just for the sake of writing it turns out to be mediocre. Content that is written because you are feeling inspired about writing on that topic comes out a slayer. We repeat, WRITE ONLY WHEN YOU’RE READY TO.

Choose a quiet spot and start writing!

Once you’re ready and you have completed your research about your topic, it is finally time to create a structure for your content and write it. Short content is challenging but once your topic and research are done, it doesn’t take up much time to complete it. For long content such as blogs and articles, the below pointers churn out the best articles

• Take care of format, length, readability, etc
• Keep the intent of your post clear throughout the post
• Ensure your post is actionable
• Use the right images

We hope this post has cleared your doubts and given you ideas about creating content that slays. The process is not complicated, but thoughtful. Generate content ideas all the time, Improve on what has already been written, Plan your content before writing it, Arrange to get traffic to your post- these four are the main pillars of writing content that slays. And last but not the least; don’t forget to add a call-to-action at the end. Here is ours- Do you have any new steps you use to write content? Let us know in the comments!