Superb Blog Writing in 30 minutes

If you had 30 minutes of spare time, what would you consider doing? Would you be watching your favorite show on the television or would you prefer to kill time by randomly browsing through Facebook posts? Some may choose to chat and catch up with the latest gossip in their social circle!

Whatever it may be, all of them fall into the zone of unproductivity. How about altering your world by adding an essence of your creativity? You can actually write a blog in the stipulated time frame!

Yes, you read it right! Crafting a blog is not as daunting as you fear! (Also: here are a few websites that will enhance your blog writing skills) To many, blog writing in just 30 minutes may seem impossible. However, if you have done the spadework correctly, it definitely is possible to create a killer blog and disseminate it on popular public platforms in half an hour!

Here are certain novel ideas to create and condense the body of the article making it short, sweet and interesting for the reader!

       1. Brainstorm to Craft a Content Calendar:

blog writing

Brainstorm and pen down potential topics to write! Find out what your customers or target audience would prefer to read. Let’s not overlook the reality- Flourishing bloggers write for their audience and not for themselves alone!

If you find yourself struggling with content, it could be a signal to change the topic. Choose something you are relatively more comfortable with.

Listicles and ‘how to’ articles work well for a newbie.

  • A listicle is actually an article written in the form of a list such as ‘The 6 Best Ways to Clean Carpet Stains’.
  • How to articles such as ‘How to apply hair color at home’ are posts that educate readers and are rather simple in creative expression.     

       2. Classify Content:

Defining and categorizing content of each blog will usher in diversity. It will help you design varied good blogs with refreshing tone.

Outline your content to gain a basic overview. It need not be overtly detailed. This is mainly for your reference. Such outlines give the initial thrust and facilitate the direction of the blog.

Is your mind going off on a tangent about a thought? Abandon it! Don’t push your creativity. Skip that thought/direction for now and fall back on it later!

       3. Format the Blog:

There are certain vital components of blog writing. These essentials act as a road-map for your writing piece.

  • Alluring title
  • Intriguing introduction
  • Clear subheadings
  • Captivating body
  • Overwhelming call-to-action

The world is a busy place. Your objective as a writer is to lure audience. So ensure your content is easy to absorb. Utilize a format such as a numbered list to make the maximum sense.  If you need help with writing blog headlines (a real tough one, in our opinion) we have it here for you.

       4. Link to Relevant Content:

blog writing

This writing tip is absolutely cardinal to your blogging initiative. It catalyses the search engine optimization, thereby augmenting your online presence.

Describe your blog on search engines through a Meta Description. Write a gist of your piece in more than 145 characters and less than 160 characters (including spaces), entice readers to click through!

       5. Conceive a Take Away Message:

Your blog will stay with the reader if the message carries a sense of purpose. Remember to create a cohesive piece with a hard hitting message. Try ending with a summary that reiterates the fundamental take away of your blog.

       6. Block Distractions:

blog writing

Get your work environment right. Some like random noises, others prefer pin drop silence. Understand your requisites and optimize the environment for maximum productivity.

Having sorted out these agendas, it should not take you more than 30 minutes to liquidate your thoughts into a 700 words article. Needless to add, no physical and mental distractions at all! Resist all temptations especially checking Twitter. If required, put your phone on the silent mode. Remember discipline is a must.

       7. Add Images to Blog Writing:

Supplement your content with visuals. Images add color to the content, break monotony and aid conceptualization.

       8. Final Look:

Editing is the final tool to chisel your blog and make it shine. Make it quick but thorough.
Avoid flowery expressions for better comprehension. Articulating in a simple manner also minimizes editing time.
Edit ideas incompatible with the fundamental topic. Blog writing ought to be crisp and informative. After all, it’s a blog not a comprehensive thesis!


Well, to sum it all, like any new initiative, drafting an engaging piece does require practice. We are certainly not advocating inefficiency. Not all articles can be completed in 30 minutes. In fact, it may be prudent to offer your audience a diversity of article lengths.

Let’s face it – the 21st century generation is plagued with toxic schedules. As a blogger, you may be struggling to find time to write. While, your audience hardly has time to read complicated literature! So you need to write fast and write in a manner that helps your audience grasp the content fast.

The crux is you must implement a winning plan to put across your ideas to the masses. Once you have decided to embark upon the journey….trust me there is no holding back!

So are you game to revolutionize your life? Go for it!