When UX design and UX content come together

UX content is the norm of the day. UX writers are now one of the most sought after professionals even by multinational companies and internet corporations. But what really is UX content and how does it amalgamate content and design?

UX content

Great UX content is an art that can be mastered with practice

Peep into the world of UX content and get acquainted with this quintessential skill.

What really is UX Content?

  • UX writing stands for ‘User Experience’ writing and is the art of writing copies for the interfaces that face the end user.
  • An interface, such as a message that pops up when the user completes an action on the web, should be lively and of use to the user. UX content does just that.
  • UX content can undoubtedly be called the voice of the organisation while also being sensitive towards the user for which it is intended in the first place.
  • UX content involves writing copies for marketing, training and instruction materials and manuals, etc to name a few. The applications are endless!

It’s all about Collaborating!

  • UX content integrates content with design.
  • A UX writer is a part of a multi-disciplinary team and needs to frequently collaborate with the business development team, the design team, the legal team, information architects, content strategists, and marketing teams.
  • A cross collaboration with various teams ensures that no one lands in any trouble and the UX copy is as perfect as it can get, embodying all information passed on to the UX writer.

UX content

A UX writer collaborates with several teams and departments to shape the best writing

The 3 Cs for Best UX Content

  • The best UX content is one that communicates the voice of the organisation while also being considerate towards the end users, for which the content is primarily intended.
  • It is crucial to be concise when it comes to writing a copy. More so when you talk about UX content!
  • Be clear and to the point when UX content. Remember the 3 Cs: you need to be concise, clear, and most importantly, considerate to the reader!
  • UX writers often have a formal journalism training or have been technical writers and creative writers in the past with an experience in communication and public relations.
  • Many UX writers have an editorial background as well, which helps them gauge the reader’s expectations well.

Great UX Content begins with ‘YOU’

  • Yes, great UX content begins with YOU. The three letter word that has extremely powerful implications!
  • The word “you” immediately strikes a personal connection between the writer and the reader. The user is no longer a passive component of the story but becomes an intimate part of the on-screen action.
  • Reword your copies to make efficient and judicious use of this word, for it immediately catches the attention of the reader.
  • Do not boast about your own product or organisation when you write, though. Tell your readers how your product or service or call to action for that matter, will benefit them. It’s all about them, after all!

UX content

UX content must be considerate towards the reader- it’s about them, after all!

Design and Content come together with UX Content

  • Design and content are inseparable. You really can’t pull one out of the other when it comes to UX content.
  • Research shows that the end user consumes both the design and the content at the same time. This means that they both work together to achieve the same target- that of inspiring action.
  • A great UX writer never waits for the final, approved design. You simply make a mental map of the content and convey the same to the designer. Of course, make sure what you write is in perfect harmony with the design!
  • The key questions that require a careful thought are: what is it that you want to tell? To Whom? How must the concept be conveyed and Where?

Summing it up

UX content is here to stay. There’s no question about that. Companies, particularly internet giants like Amazon and Google, rely on that nerdy UX writer to help sell their services in a fun yet most efficient manner. Google, in fact, calls its UX writers ‘Resident Wordsmiths’!

A great user experience writer understands that content and design go hand in hand. They are in fact a part and parcel of a call to action.

The most important aim of a great copy is to engage the reader while being considerate towards them. It has to be about them, not just about your company, products or services. Period.