Should you link or should you write?

If there’s one question that most bothers the industry of search marketing, it is the endless linking vs content writing debate. While many experts vouch for great content writing, the others consider linking to be the ultimate solution.

Search engines desperately hunt for quality content while also looking at the number of pages linking to the content when ranking it in search results. If you are wondering what really matters as far as search marketing is concerned, the following points would come in handy:

Content does matter

  • Even search engines prefer to divert visitors to pages with original content rather than directing them to pages which serve as indexes.
  • Original content writing sure takes a lot of hard work and effort initially but is a great investment in the long run.
  • It helps admins build a great community of readers who keep returning back for quality content. This builds a long lasting relationship between content producers and content consumers.
  • Use of rich images and quality text enhances the appeal of the content manifold.
  • Search engines too have algorithms in place, which rank pages with great content considerably higher than the others.
  • Great content attracts people naturally as it answers their curiosities and queries.
  • Content is king, they say. If you are to create a great page, great content is the very first step.
  • The data obtained from Google Analytics too bear testimony to the fact that users are indeed interested in original, high-quality content.
  • The best way to attract consumers of content is to provide original content, which the search engines can direct viewers to.
content writing
Content is king when it comes it attracting potential content consumers

Links help with page ranks

  • Links are undoubtedly the best way to get an organic reach.
  • What good is a great content if no one really knows about it? Using links appropriately helps you gain a following among your target audience.
  • Various link strategies combine to help spread the word about your content so it reaches the maximum number of people.
  • It must be remembered that links, after all, are an integral component of the World Wide Web we can’t do without, for the whole web is about the links!
  • Even search engines count on the number of pages linking to your page to rank it in their search listings.
  • The greater the number of links your page has, the higher it’s ranking in search results.
  • In the good old times, when search engines weren’t powerful enough, people relied on link listings to discover great content.
content writing
Link building is crucial to the success of SEO marketing strategy

Content+Link: the Ultimate Strategy

  • The best SEO marketing strategy is neither links nor great content alone. It is a veritable mix of high-quality content and the right links.
  • Neither great content nor a large number of links would serve to popularize your page in the long run, if that is what you are after.
  • What is important is to invest in original content while also taking care to ensure it has a sufficient number of links to take it everywhere.
  • A great distribution system is a vital asset and supplements the content you have created for your page for it takes your content to your target audience.
  • While building links for sure has its merits, it won’t do any good unless the links point to unique content that is not available anywhere.

The Verdict

Getting as many links as possible isn’t the right marketing strategy for your page should have limited but relevant links that serve the purpose. It is better to have 5 relevant, closely related links rather than 20 unrelated links. Great content writing warrants greater focus and attention to make sure your SEO marketing strategy delivers. Ideally, there is no single way to ensure higher page rankings. Both link building and content writing go hand in hand and complement each other.

It really depends on the situation and page specifics when it comes to picking just one. The best strategy is to mix both in carefully considered proportions so that you have authentic, quality content writing combined with good quality links that search engines can rely on. You can’t choose one. Pick both and fly high!