Boost Your Blog Writing Speed by 600%

There are some writers you envy for their outstanding articulation skills and some for their blog writing speed. Day in and out, they manage to post monstrous and engaging articles. How do they actually come up with such flawless and voluminous work in no time at all?

We all have deadlines to meet! Despite being short on time, you definitely don’t desire to compromise on quality.

Here are some ways to accelerate your blog writing speed and get that perfect post down the production line faster than you ever imagined!

1. Accelerate Your Typing Speed

blog writing speed
Typing quickly and correctly is a hard-to-master skill!

Yes! We are going to deal with the technicalities first and creative writing skills later. No matter how fabulous your expression is, if you can’t get it on paper fast, you will never achieve the target.

You must aim at a typing speed of at least managing 60 words per minute. A decent typing speed will help accomplishing your goal faster than any other virtue!

2. Brainstorm for Ideas in Advance

The biggest killer of time is sitting at your workstation and staring at a blank laptop screen! Most of us sit down to work and then commence wondering what to write about!

Deal with this work in advance. Brainstorm and list down various topics you would like to pen down your thoughts about. Believe me; it will save you loads of precious minutes!

3. Generate an Outline

blog writing speed
An outline can give a defined structure to your article

This is another aspect that needs to be tackled before writing a post.
Outlining a post helps you gain clarity on the subject and provides direction with regards to references and research. Outlines can very but in general the heads to produce great content can be as follows:

  • Introduction to the subject
  • The value of the specific subject
  • The subject
  • Case studies related to the subject
  • Conclusion

4. Research First

In order to write credibly, you need to invest time to learn about the specific topic.

While a few may be great at task switching that is going from writing mode to research mode and vice versa; there may be several others who aren’t too good at multi-tasking.

As a golden rule, human beings are generally more productive when the focus is on a single task. Researching is cardinal and complicated. So it’s best to get your facts right before writing a single word!

5. Just Write, Don’t Stop

blog writing speed
Express yourself freely with your writing

Once your thoughts start flowing, express freely. Don’t hold back your articulation. There will of course be good paragraphs and bad paragraphs but you can leave out the proof reading for later.

Don’t break the flow of your blog writing by trying to gain perfection in the first draft. You can opt for detailing later.

6. Keep the Blog Writing Vocabulary Simple

Do you often find yourself pausing to think of the best vocabulary? Well, here’s your big time killer!

Web writing is very different from writing a dissertation. Your perfect articulation and vocabulary will seldom be appreciated. Most readers just skim through articles.

This means complicated vocabulary will not only eat on your time but will deter your audience as well. Keep it simple and just write what comes to your mind.

7. Eliminate the Distractions

blog writing speed
Kick distractions out of the way

Distractions are all around you. You can seldom escape them!

The urge to check your email or a message just received or browse through your favorite social media site – whatever it may be, it certainly lowers your productivity.

For those who work from home, the list is even longer. Doorbells, kids running around, adults talking or watching television and to top it all the temptation of taking breaks to snack or grab a coffee!

You definitely need to cut them out to accelerate your blog writing speed.

  • Work in a quiet space. At office, keep the door closed. If working from home, designate a special area as your work station.
  • Complete all your important tasks before commencing. This way your mind will be clear and relaxed to write.
  • Either block all websites for a specific duration of time or still better go offline. This will eliminate all possible distractions.

8. Keep a Fixed Deadline


blog writing speed
Don’t chase deadlines, complete your work in advance

If task completion is not ascertained, it won’t matter when you finish. It is natural to work faster if there is a prescribed deadline to meet.

Remember to set reasonable deadlines as creativity requires profound thought!

9. Choose Your Most Productive Hour

Are you an early bird or a night owl?

Research highlights every individual has a different brain composition. Some exhibit higher levels of productivity in the mornings, while others prefer late nights.

Understand your inherent composition and strike at your most productive time to increase your speed!


Ever wondered if you could produce a blog in half the time you currently manage to do! That certainly will offer you wider opportunities of professional growth.

Go ahead and explore the options elaborated in this blog. Utilizing even one will take you forward and boost your blog writing speed immensely!