Looks really matter: 13 ways to enhance the visual appeal of blogs

You own a blog. You regularly post interesting content for your readers. There is something that’s missing, though. But what is that crucial missing piece that will make all the difference? Visual appeal of blogs.

visual appeal of blogs
How your blog looks is important to its success!

Here are 13 ways to enhance the visual appeal of blogs:

1. It’s all about attention

  • Attention matters. A lot.
  • For your blog to stand out from the rest, it must first attract attention so visitors actually read through your content.
  • It is human nature to get attracted by fascinating designs and pretty patterns.
  • A blog with stunning looks- the color scheme, the images, and the templates instantly grips the attention of a reader, encouraging her to read through the text.

2. Use relevant images

  • There is nothing more distracting than a blog post with an image that has nothing to do with the blog’s theme.
  • Remember- a picture is worth a thousand words. While you must use as many images as you can to enhance the visual appeal of blogs, do not abuse the power of the image.
  • Remember that the size of the image is important too. A small image is less likely to be noticed then one with an optimal size based on the blog specifics.

3. Videos add to the visual appeal of blogs

  • A video can greatly enhance the visual appeal of blogs. A video breaks up the monotony of blocks of text by adding a visual element.
  • A video, they say, is worth a thousand pictures. Rightly so, for a video is much easier to watch rather than having to read through lines of text.
  • Research has proven that visual information is much easily and rapidly grasped by the human brain as compared to text based information.

4. Break it up!

  • Lengthy paragraphs look too boring.
  • Unless supplemented by bullets, images, or videos, such content is unlikely to get much attention.
  • Separate long paragraphs into short, simple sentences.
  • Transform your content writing. If there is an easier way to convey the information, use it.

5. Use nice backgrounds

  • Use nice backgrounds for your blog, which could fix the gaze of the readers to the content.
  • If the content and the images aren’t set properly with the background, visitors would eventually lose interest in the blog.
  • Use delightful colors, which do not distract but harmoniously form a rich conglomerate with the text information.
visual appeal of blogs
Readable content is key to the visual appeal of blogs

6. Have readable content

  • Blog writing shouldn’t only focus on the creating content but on creating readable content.
  • Begin your blog with an introduction of the theme and conclude with a brief summary of the most useful points.
  • Keep the focus on the topic rather than beating about the bush.
  • Avoid repetition.
  • Keep the tone self-effacing and warm.

7. Choose great comment styles

  • If there’s one thing that enhances the appeal of your blog the most, it has to be the feedback from your readers.
  • In order to encourage your site visitors to leave you feedback, use great comment styles that attract blog readers, inspiring them to leave a message.
  • Remember, a blog isn’t a blog without comments!
visual appeal of blog
Great comment styles help you stand out!

8. Be accessible, go mobile

  • Remember that a majority of your traffic might be coming from smartphones and tablets instead of laptops and desktop computers.
  • Ensure that your blog is mobile friendly and is displayed properly on mobile devices.
  • Proper templates and plug-ins must be installed to make your site mobile-friendly.

9. Look at the competition

  • Visit the blogs of your competitors and other individuals and organisations working in your genre.
  • Look out for interesting information, infographics, and visual aesthetics used by your competitors.
  • Visit blogs that attract traffic and look out for the factors, which increase their popularity. Inspire yourself and implement them on your blog too.

10. Have a great landing page

  • Your landing page is the one the visitor first stumbles upon.
  • To ensure frequent visits to your blog, make sure the landing page is well-designed and visually pleasing.
  • As the old saying goes, the first impression is the last!
visual appeal of blogs
Craft a great design for your blog’s landing page

11. Use infographics

  • Infographics combine the power of images, information, and graphics all in one single entity.
  • Bloggers frequently use infographics especially designed for their blogs to attract the visitor’s attention.
  • Infographics can be vital for presenting useful statistics and data, which can be otherwise boring to read.

12. Avoid crowding

  • With so many things to keep in mind when designing a blog, it is easy to mix them all and have a chaotic amalgamation of information.
  • Blogs are all about creativity, visual aesthetics, and simplicity.
  • Keep your blog clutter-free and visually striking in its appeal.
  • It may only have a few key elements but they must be powerful enough to capture the viewer’s attention and hold it for a long time.

13. Use titles wisely

  • Titles do matter. A dull, uninteresting title will not be as inviting as a carefully engineered and designed title.
  • Titles that use specific information and numbers are likely to be more visually pleasing than those that are written in the convention writing style.
  • ‘10 important things to remember when writing a blog’ is likely to gather more views than ‘How to write a blog’

Summarizing it up

Yes, the overall visual aesthetics of your blog can make or break it. No matter how great your content, if your blog doesn’t attract visitors by the looks of it, there’s little hope for increasing your fan base.