How to Make a Full Time Living With Blog Writing

You do have a passion for writing. It’s obvious because you are reading this article!

You would love to just write and earn a living. But that’s only a dream. Every time you voice your desire to family and friends, they seem skeptical and rate your decision silly!

Most of the world views blog writing merely as a pastime or fad! It is definitely not considered as a realistic and lucrative career. After all, it is stupid to hang on your hopes to a little blog!

Well! Hold on strong to your passion because the fact is that you can learn to make money through blogging. Trust me, it is a possibility.

Being a successful full time blogger also comes with additional assets of being your own boss, improving your financial stance, doing what really excites you, travelling anytime you wish and much more.

So here we go with the top tips to evolve as a full time blogger.

 1. Generate a Plan:

Planning is strongly recommended for those who plan to quit their jobs and see themselves flourish in blogging. A well laid out structure facilitates clear thinking and step by step working towards the final objective.

The points to be sorted include-

  • When do you see yourself quitting the job
  • How much money do you require to sustain
  • What is the amount in your emergency fund
  • How will you make money blogging
  • Are there any time limits you would like to set for the trial
  • What are the future goals for growth

 2. Identify Your Blog Writing Zone:

Agreed blogging can be on any topic under the sun. You can pen your views about anything and everything ranging from relationships to finance to travel. Nevertheless, it may be prudent to keep certain considerations in mind while crafting good blogs.

  • Pursue Your Passion – It is always recommended to articulate on topics close to your heart. When you unleash your passion, writing is pleasurable and not a mandatory chore!
  • Be an Expert – Understand your potential and focus on specific expert topics. Establish your niche in fields where you have thorough detailed insight.

3. Make a Beginning:

All apprehensions will only be put to test once you begin. Gather courage and take the first step!

Fortunately, starting a blog neither requires huge finances nor super technical expertise. Many have become successful without being computer savvy.

       4. Raise the Bar:

blog writing

Taking short cuts will not get you anywhere. High quality, well researched and interesting content is a must to reach the pinnacle. These are the only factors that will force your readers to yearn for more!

Keep these writing tips in mind-

  • Read up on your topic as much as possible. Gain access to statistics on the subject. All this adds up to producing a well researched script.
  • Go through your content. Is it an enjoyable and engaging read? If the answer is in the affirmative, your audience will be attracted as well. Check out our ultimate guide to creating awesome content.
  • Develop your own unique articulation style. Make your true inner voice your forte.
  • Always edit your piece thoroughly before publishing. Grammatical errors and editing fall outs are big turn offs!

5. Make Connections:

Networking will help you broaden your creative horizon. Bond with other bloggers, share content, go for blog seminars – opt for anything that enriches your skills and enhances your connect with others in the field of blog writing.

 6. Multiply Finances: 

To earn a living from blogging, you obviously need to generate additional finances. Here’s a list of things you can explore to enhance your financial status as a blogger.

  • Advertisements – You could consider advertising products in lieu of money. The advertisement can be placed in the beginning, towards the end or side bar location on the blog
  • Paid Blog Posts – This could be a paid review, a side bar link or guest blog.
  • Affiliate Marketing – This interprets to placing a product on your blog, reviewing it and earning an extra buck every time a reader makes a purchase.
  • Personal Creation – This head incorporates selling of products you designed such as a book or course.

7. Accelerate Page Views: 

blog writing

Your income is directly proportional to the number of page views. You definitely need to improvise the statistics in order to earn a living from blog writing.

  • Be Active on Social Media Platforms- Establish your online presence on popular social networking sites such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Snapchat.
  • Be a Regular on the Scene- If you post once a month, the readers will soon forget you. Keep afresh in their memories by posting at least once a week.
  • Frame Captivating Headlines- Titles act as stimuli! It is ultimately the headline that influences the audience to read on or for go. Here are some tips to become a headline maestro!
  • Keep the Processing Simple- It’s a busy world out there! So make the process of reaching your blog homepage and sharing your blog simple and straight.



Be realistic. Don’t expect an immediate footfall. It will take time to prove your mettle and monetize the blog.
Following these tips may not make you an ace blogger overnight but these strategies will help generate a wider reader base and gradually draw in revenue.