The role of influencers in social media marketing

There were times when brands would seek celebrity endorsements to effectively market their products and services. The times have changed now. In the modern era, social media marketing has become immensely popular, which means an ordinary social media user might have a greater following than a real world celebrity, making him a more appropriate candidate for a brand endorsement!

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Social media influencers can wield their influence to help you grow

Who’s a social media influencer?
Welcome to the world of social media marketing. (Here is how it can help your business achieve a new zenith). Social media is ever changing world where the right content clubbed with the right influencer can work wonders. Beware, a social media influencer is not as geeky as the term might suggest; he’s actually quite a cool guy who wields his (very powerful) influence on his followers.

Read below to know how crucial a role influencers play in modern social media marketing:

1. Specialized recommendations are the key

A celebrity or an actor might not be the best person to influence people to buy your latest smartphone. An online gadget guru with a hundred thousand strong fan base, might be a more suitable candidate!

What makes social media influencers the best is the fact that they are highly knowledgeable in their specific niches and segments; fans trust their tech reviews, fashion recommendations, street wear choices or music styles, etc. So, is there an influencer out there for your brand segment? You bet!

2. Word of mouth & peer recommendation

It has been proven that word of mouth and peer recommendations are the best forms of social media marketing.
The effectiveness of the marketing campaign is increased manifold if the individual who is talking about the product has authority and credibility on the subject.

The central focus is basically the trust, which people have on a social media influencer. This trust can work wonders, making followers buy your products.

social media marketing
The power of social networking websites is best leveraged through influencers

3. Who are these people?

Influencers have an extremely strong social media presence. These are established virtual world celebrities on social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. A strong presence on social network websites means that a single update by these people would influence the choices and decisions of the millions of their followers who look up to them.

Influencer outreach programs are the latest in social media. Social media influencers leverage their powerful networks to mold the emotional reactions of their followers.

 4. One to One interaction

Social networking websites are characterized by the implementation of a well developed two-way communication mechanism wherein the influencer posts his observations and followers respond back on the post.
This bidirectional message exchange makes the process more human oriented and effective.

5. Creative Content

People follow a social media influencer since they are known for their quality content. Their writing quality strikes the audience’s emotions and sentiments. Thus getting your product reviewed by an influencer is the best way to build a successful marketing campaign on social media.

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Influencer-based social media marketing is ideal for small businesses

6. Ideal for small businesses

Seeking influencers’ help on social network websites is also ideal for small businesses since this is a very cost effective way to obtain a large audience. Startups can be particularly benefitted by social media influencers since they are not in a position to spend millions on brand advertising and promotions.

The process is mutually beneficial to both- the commissioning business and the influencer, since both gain momentum on their creative content on social media.

7. Biggest is not the best!

Most people think working with a very popular social media influencer with millions of fans is the only way to succeed. This is not completely true!

Of course, consider working with the biggest but also associate with smaller influencers on other channels since they would more actively and loyally promote your product across their channels in a bid to promote themselves too.

8. Get an intermediary partner

Working with a partner is also highly recommended so he might interact with the influencer on your behalf.
Choose a partner who has a good rapport with several social media influencers so he may effectively put your campaign across in a more productive manner.

9. Two ways social media influencers work

Remember that social media influencing can work both ways: you could either seek an influencer’s support in marketing your product on his social media networks or instead ask him to post/ cross-post content on your own channels.

Each method has its own distinct advantages. An ideal strategy might involve the balanced use of both marketing channels.

One of the biggest advantages of using social networking websites is that these provide you with real-time updates about how well your post or campaign is doing. This is particularly important when seeking the services of an influencer. These insights can be extremely useful to plan the way ahead for your marketing campaign. Make sure you communicate well with your influencer, asking him to submit detailed analytics reports.

If executed properly enough, influencer driven social media marketing is a guaranteed way to a successful campaign. All you need is an ideal influencer who is trusted and could strike a chord with your target audience.