How can Big Data be used in content marketing

Big data is the next big thing in content marketing. But what is it? Put simply, the cumulative whole of the data generated every single minute is called Big Data. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? Well, it certainly would if you consider the fact that as much as 2,500,000,000,000 bytes of data are generated every single day on earth!

content marketing, big data
Data journalism and mining are already in tremendous use by companies and brands around the globe who understand how crucial this big data is. From social media posts to video uploads and text responses, every single bit of information your target audience generates can provide valuable insight into their buying habits and behavior.

If you are wondering how you could use big data for your company, follow the tips listed below and see how big data can transform your content marketing strategy:

  • Know your customer:

         content marketing, big data

The key benefit of Big Data is its utility in understanding the behavior of your prospective buyers.
Big Data helps you increase traffic to your website. This, in turn, facilitates sales. Content created from Big Data implications is proven to be much more effective when it comes to striking a chord with your target audience.

  • Sort the data:

         content marketing, big data

A mere glance at the sheer volume of Big Data is enough to convince you to not fall into the trap of examining every individual little bit of information. Know what is important and what is not- sort the data your target audience generates under several heads and see what data to keep.

Consider hiring an intern who could compile monthly reports about your social media performance and gathered data. This way, you would be saved the burden of having to analyze individual information in its entirety.

  • Focus on these important metrics

content marketing, big data

Tools such as Google Analytics, HootSuite, Email tracking services, etc are all vital in generating valuable information about your content’s real-time performance.

While the analytics tools provide an enormous amount of information, consider focusing on the most important metric such as the website traffic, search engine rankings, social media mentions, sources of traffic and the backlink metrics.

  • Convert your customers to buyers!

Big data monitoring does not end at the stage when you first get to know your customers and their habits. This is, ironically, when it all actually begins! Constantly measure how long your target audience continue in the purchase ready stage when they express interest in your product genre. Also, explore new behavior and tendencies: are your customers abandoning any content and consuming others? Watch out!

  • Run A/B Test Campaigns

content marketing, big data

A/B testing is a time-tested technique that first experiments with different versions of subject lines in emails, content headers, topic headlines, etc to see which ones generate the most response based on your big data analytics.

Experiment with a smaller sample of your target audience to understand their behavior before replicating the process on the larger ensemble! A/B testing is an extremely powerful technique that can make a big difference to your content marketing campaigns when combined with the power of big data.

  • Customer retention is the key- Seek returning engagement:

Once you are done with monitoring big data and converting your customers to buyers, continue to engage your client base to make sure they return again as customers. Customer retention is key to the success of any content marketing campaign. If you notice a decline in the number of returning customers, you always have a huge pile of Big Data reports waiting to be read to understand where your customers got lost in the way!

  • Create content with Big Data!

Apart from helping you gain valuable insight into customer behavior, Big Data can also help create intriguing content that can itself play a vital role in our content marketing strategy. You could publish detailed studies and statistics based on your Big Data compilation for use as editorial content in your niche.


Big Data analytics is here to stay. Data mining is playing an important role helping content marketers understand their audience in a manner never before possible!