Work with us

Come, be a part of our awesome writing culture! Besides being an awesome writer, we need you to be enthusiastic and dedicated. Is that you? Impress us at! Before that, make sure you read the following guidelines carefully.

  1. We don’t need experience. We need enthusiasm and skill.
  2. We don’t need a fancy college degree in English literature. You could be a commerce student or an engineer. We need you to be a grammar Nazi.
  3. We don’t need you to use extravagant words in your write-ups. We need you to connect with the reader.
  4. We don’t need you to speak in a foreign accent. (Unless it is natural, we will immediately show you the door if you do.) We need you to use simplicity to enthrall.
  5. You give us dedication and we promise we’ll provide the best work environment for you to work, grow, and thrive!